Soul Goals

Well as June begins, the thing that is on my mind the most is:


Am I following my soul goals?


You may ask what are soul goals?  Soul Goals are goals that come naturally from an inner drive and an intention to make the world a better place.  On the other hand, Ego Goals come from an external drive to achieve and if we can admit it to ourselves, they are to impress others.


Ego goals trap us into an endless cycle of achievement without fulfillment.  While I know you can achieve any goals you put your mind to, I am just not impressed by it.  I am interested in helping you fulfill your soul goals, because that is where you will find the most satisfaction in life.  We live in a world that praises the achiever and I want to live in a world that praises the fulfiller.


Achiever – completing often ego goals to impress others or for exterior rewards

Fulfiller – completing soul goals with intention of improving the world


Our mission at Finding Your Piece is to create a kinder, more compassionate world by teaching people the value of slowing down, following their heart and completing their soul goals.   We intended to teach others how to live as a Fulfiller, so they may find the inner peace we are all looking for!