Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.
– Henry Thoreau


Sometimes a frustrating event or time in your life is just what is necessary to bring the darkness to the light.  It is so funny that being puzzled and confused is what brought me to a writing a book called FINDING YOUR PIECE!  Now the puzzle piece represents clarity, purpose and passion.  My piece is my home base.  My peace is my gps.  So the interesting thing about the book FINDING YOUR PIECE is the fact that the book came out of me after a frustrating time in my life.  Out of my frustration, the peace was born.  The book reignited my passion for serving others and doing what I am made to do.  Sometimes we need to do what is not like us to discover us, we need to lose to win and we need to step back to move forward.  Through a technique called Mind Mapping, I recognized the 4 things I do best. This helps me to stay on purpose, within my puzzle piece, and be as effective as I can.

#1. I love  to SERVE others.  I serve others’ by personal training, teaching fitness classes, serving at Betty’s Beach Cafe, speaking, retreats and so on.  I feel on purpose, self-less and happy when I can serve others.

#2.  I love to CREATE.  I love creating ideas for a book, a business, a workout routine or class, a blog, a chapter and so on.  Creating keeps my energy flowing.  It is my opportunity to get my creativity out to the world.  This blog is part of my creativity.  It makes me feel grateful and whole.

#3.  I love to BOND with others.  I love find out what is important to others.  Whether it is a friend, family member or a stranger.  I like to create genuine bonds with others.  I do that by asking questions and bond with someone’s spirit, not their body.  Looks can be deceiving, but the spirit does not lie.  I talk to the spirit or what I call one’s true nature.  It makes me feel warm inside to know that I know someone from the inside out and have helped them in anyway live their best life.  I can bond with someone over coffee, a stand-up paddle session, at a party, during a personal training session or by smiling at someone on the street. Genuine bonds are what life is about.  Life is about people, experience, finding your piece and living your passion.  The rest is not necessary.

#4.  I love participating in SELF-CARE activities.  I love working out, getting a massage, a manicure/pedicure, meditating, reflexology and much more.  All of those things help me to re-energize myself, so I can do my passion.  They help me to be full-charged and at my best.  Working hard is important and taking care of myself is just as important.  Sometimes I feel like people are great at working hard and they need to focus a little more on their self-care skills.  You may have the working hard skill down, but the self-care skills or relaxing skills are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT too.  To be at my best I vow to always sharpen my self-care skills.
What 4 things do you do best and how can you make sure to stay with in your skill sets, so you can stay on purpose?